Adventures With International Outsourcing Services

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International outsourcing services promise the world, but a lot of times all you get is a lot of headache, and you start pulling your hair out. I know I’ve been that route. I’ve tried outsourcing with Odesk, and that was an OK experience. I’ve outsourced with TheContentAuthority, which is actually a good operation – I recommend them for content. I’ve also had a sales letter outsourced (thanks Shaun) and some great looking graphics at good prices from getminisite. So you could say that I am not exactly new to outsourcing.

But none of that solved my main problem….. Which is that I don’t like copying and pasting content. In fact I hate it! Even as I am typing this post, I am doing it inside this wordpress blog control panel, so that I don’t have to copy and paste. Sad, I know. Also, unless you have a relationship with your freelancer you may find yourself teaching the same thing over and over again. Because the freelancer doesn’t know your business. So about two weeks ago I made a decision that I believe will revolutionize my business – and let me focus on the things I like to do. You see what I really like is developing new ideas and finding opportunities. Of course when you are working in your business instead of on your business that leaves you little time for those functions. So to take over some of the day to day work, I hired someone using one of the international outsourcing services, replacemyself.

Now before I go and tell you that I have found the holy grail of marketing and that I will now be able to work a 4 hour work week after just two weeks of developing and training, let me just say loud and clear, anyone who feeds you that line is full of bull. Eventually do I see myself working less because I have a staff? – YES. But that is not what is going to happen right now, because training people takes work and a time investment.

In my eyes though, hiring full time people (and this is more possible than you may think) has several big benefits over hiring freelancers. Although this is silly, for me, a big thing is that I don’t have to copy and paste. -Cue the angels singing- My guy, Richard, can post directly to web 2.0 sites and my private blog network sites for me. I don’t have to do it myself. Also, as I develop a relationship with him, he becomes invested in my business. Which is great because Richard has really good ideas allready.

But hiring people is not for wimps and not for everyone… If you are considering outsourcing then here are some things you should know. This is based on both my experiences so far with Richard through replacemyself, and from my experience of hiring hundreds of people over my career as a retail manager. By the way I asked Richard’s permission before I posted his name – see third bullet point.

• Don’t hire people if you don’t know how to make money online yet, because they won’t know either.

• Don’t hire people if you don’t like to teach. The beginning part of training someone is pretty intense.

• Do treat the people you hire with respect.

• Do expect to give vacation time and holidays.

• Do give the people you hire increasing responsibilities.

• Do ask your people for their opinion and then listen.

• Think about how you like to be treated in a job, and treat people that way.

• Do realize that managing people is a unique skill and something you need to be willing to learn if you haven’t done it before.

I also asked Richard, what advice he would give to Americans hiring from the Philippines and he said that ”Phillipinos enjoy working for a boss with a sense of humor.” Personally I think that is great advice all around – whether you manage people offline or online.

So, do I think everyone should go out and hire a full time worker? No, absolutely not. BUT, if your business is at a point where you want to focus more on the idea side of your business and less on the link building, content creating, site building side, it may be the right move for you to go with one of the international outsourcing services. Be careful though, some of these places are just fronts for management groups. You want a service that allows you to hire real people. I personally really like replacemyself as they are very thorough in what to expect from your people and how to treat them (VERY important to me). In addition they answered all of my support emails very promptly, and I had someone hired within three days of using their resources. So a good experience all around.

If you aren’t ready to take that step yet, but are interested in outsourcing, I highly recommend the In House Writer’s Forum and Services For Sale Section at WordPress Goldmine. They are exclusive offers to the WordPress Goldmine community and there are some excellent deals in there. You do have to join the membership, but it’s only $1 to start right now, so you have nothing to lose.