How To Get To $3000 a Month Income 44 Cents at a Time

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For most people $3000 dollars a month of income generated with an online business is a game changer. For many people this is as much or more than they make in their day jobs. Think about it what would an extra $3000 a month mean to you. Would it mean you could be a work at home mom or dad? Could you tell your boss that you quit and happily walk away?

Big numbers can be scary.

Since I saw the concept of internet marketing the first time, I KNEW that there was plenty of money to be made on the internet, and I knew that I wanted to make $3000 a month, but I didn’t quite believe that I could do it – even though I have made a profit every single month since February 2008. Just thinking about that number made me a little sick to my stomach. Sure I saw other people making plenty of money, but I couldn’t quite put it together myself. $3000 is a lot of money to make every month, especially when what I do doesn’t even feel like work. So you could say I had a belief problem. Recently, however I have had a major change in the way I think, and while I am not at my $3000 a month number yet, I am getting closer, and more importantly I have a plan to get there.

How 44 cents a day completely changed my mindset.

Mark over at WP Goldmine has always said that the power of niche sites is in the numbers, and what if you had 100 sites that made $1.00 a day each? How powerful would that be? I’ve always taken him seriously, but had a hard time seeing how I was going to make it happen. Today though I was looking at my own actual websites and found that they are making an average of 44 cents a day each, and a lightbulb went on in my head….

I already have a bunch of sites, so I know that some make more than others, and that once you know the basics of keyword selection, site building, and promotion this is a big numbers game. So I decided to see how many sites I would need to get to $3000 a month if I took my own site average per day into consideration. The numbers surprised me. I only need 228 sites to get to this income level…. that is not 228 sites more, that is 228 sites total. Now that may seem like a lot, but I have learned how to be very, very efficient in putting up sites and can now do 10 to twenty in a week (thanks to Brian Johnson for the process), so I can totally see my way to 228 sites.

The thing that makes me the most excited though is this… $3000 a month is a vague goal, but 228 sites is very concrete and I have total control over the process and know how to get there. Yippee! So there you go, that is how to get to $3,000 a month 44 cents at a time.

If you haven’t made your first money online then make your goals small enough to reach and join a solid teaching program like wordpress goldmine. Make your first site and then make your next 10. Learn from your mistakes, and from your successes. The money will start to come…. just keep at it.