Snow Storms, Hot Chocolate, and The WHY of Internet Marketing

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Today it is snowing in Indiana, and when I say snowing, I mean it. It has been snowing since midnight and is now 5 PM and is supposed to snow until tomorrow night. This morning, I let my alarm go off, listened to the weather station, and went back to sleep. School has been cancelled for the day. So all of us (except for my 12 year old – who is an early riser) got to sleep in. Even my husband got to sleep in a little bit before he went to work. It was fabulous!

Not only is it snowing non stop, but it is the perfect kind of snowy day too. It is the kind of day where it is warm enough for the kids to bundle up and make snow forts or as they are doing today “snow chairs”, and there is enough snow to do it with. After I got up for the day, I banged out 4 out of 5 most important things in my office while my kids played downstairs. Then I helped my daughter with some homework. Since then my kids have been playing in the snow with some of the neighbor kids and I even made them some yummy from scratch hot chocolate, which they gobbled down.

Why is this relevant to Internet Marketing?

It’s all about the why. Everybody works to pay the bills, and because their boss tells them to. But what if you had no boss, how would you stay focused? For me it is all about my kids and my lifestyle. I build my online income because I want to be home with my kids after school. I want to watch them build snow forts while I pound away at the keyboard, and I want to invest the time in my family so that the relationships are what come to the forefront. The why of my family is my driving force. If you are working on an online business, then I challenge you to identify your why. It will make a huge difference in your success.

$100 Dollar Day – Hip Hip Hooray!

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Mark told me I should post this story here and since he makes a lot more money than me and was nice enough to mention me on his blog answer all of my questions over at Word Press Goldmine I thought I would do what he suggests .

On Friday morning I woke up and checked my commission numbers from Thursday 2-18-2010 (and actually I just had to check the date because I couldn’t remember), and realized I had just made over a hundred dollars net commissions on Thursday. This was super duper exciting to me, even though it is not a normal occurrence yet. Here is how it broke down.

$80 in Commission Junction

$22 at Amazon

$10.47 in adsense.

I happened to get pretty darn lucky with that commission junction order, and by luck I mean that the site it came from I have had up for a while and have promoted a lot and produces regularly for me, just not usually $80 in one day. So after Thursday it looks like I may have my best month online ever this month. I will let you know if that happens.

One of the things that constantly amazes me about internet marketing with SEO (search engine optimization) and article marketing is how much things build. I have sites that I started a year ago (like the $80 commission site) that after some effort and some time seem to take on a life of there own, and just chug away making sales. I find that this often happens between 4 and 5 months of age on many sites, and sometimes it takes a year. That is not to say that you can’t make money right away, because you can, but it sure is nice when all the work you put into a site pays off and it starts making money with little to no babysitting simply from traffic from the search engines and from the articles you have written.

So I guess what I’m saying is this…. A little bit of effort every day over a long period of time goes a long way to creating a sustainable income. I used to think I had to write 20 articles a day (and was never, ever able to do that), because that was what other people say they did. Now I know that if I start 1 new site a week with outsourced content and do some initial promotion and then focus on building and promoting my older sites my income will grow steadily and surely. I no longer stress about an individual site. I just get up every day and get my five things done to move my business forward. Then I get to spend time with my kids and my husband. Life is GOOD!