Camping With My Kiddo – Another Reason I Love Internet Marketing

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This weekend I got to do something really fun. I got to go on a camp out with my lovely younger daughter, Kendra, and spend a bunch of time with the other Girl Scout moms in my troop. It was a dark and stormy night (literally), but we still had a great time and a load of fun. But to go on this trip I had to have half of Friday off and all of Saturday. This isn’t a big deal for most people, but I used to be a retail manager, so it is a huge big deal for me. In my former job I had to work every Friday and Saturday. Now I can give myself the time off. I am so thankful that I get to earn money online, because it lets me keep my time expenditures in line with my values.

So back to camping… when we arrived it was pouring. Which wouldn’t be a problem, but this is a troop of Brownies (2nd graders) on their first campout, and we wanted them to want to go camping again. We had to think on our feet and fast. Thankfully the Girl Scout camp was flexible and let us change our plans last minute.

We got to stay in this fabulous lodge where we threw mattresses on the floor and had one giant slumber party. It was pretty cool. It was also an awesome time with my kiddo. So after chopping and cooking and hiking and building fires, I am pretty tired. But I am happy, my time is spent in line with my values and what I think is important and working online makes that work for me.

The 5 Most Important Things

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Hey all… I am pushing toward my goal of $50 a day in adsense, and I am happy to say things are moving right along. I hit $9 yesterday! Yeah! Of course, with adsense one the things that is important to know is that you can make $9 one day and then $3 the next and that is perfectly normal. It can kind of freak you out though.

Over at wp goldmine a few days ago Rachel mentioned the rule of 5 from Jack Canfields success book. If you don’t know he is the guy from chicken soup for the soul and the book is quite good, I’ve read it. The rule of 5 is simply doing 5 things every day to move your business forward. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as you are consistent.

Well with internet marketing the tasks can get a little overwhelming and somewhat repetitious. There is always so much to do between building new sites and promoting them, and of course there is always expanding old sites (lots of money to be made that way). So the rule of 5 really helps me to cut to the chase so to speak.

I have been writing down what 5 things I MUST get done in my business for the next day before I close up shop that day and then I do those things. Today, I knew I had some stuff to get accomplished with Girl Scouts, so I scheduled 5 shorter activities. They are crucial, just not ones that take me a long time. It is now 11:21 in the afternoon, and I can break for lunch, get dressed (because I am still in my PJs) and get my girl scout stuff done. Before I implemented the rule of 5 I would have felt guilty, but not now. I know I have made a dent in my online business today. Yeah! Happy business building to you!