My Two Year Anniversary In The Make Money Online Game (Whew! It’s Been Busy)

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I can’t believe it! It has been nearly two years since I have started my adventure in trying to earn a living online. Most people would have given up by now, but I am stubborn and I am glad that I am, because lately I have seen some income growth month over month (cue angels singing).

If this is your first time visiting my site, then you should know that unlike a lot of people, when I started looking at opportunities to make money online it had nothing to do with the fact that I hated my job. As a matter of fact, I really liked my job.

The reason I started in the first place is because my husband and I were about to become parents. Of course, just like everything else in my life we didn’t go the traditional route. Two years ago in June we became foster parents of our girls (picture proud mommy smile here), and I realized the job I love no longer fit into my plans. We have since adopted our girls and I quit my job almost 18 months ago and have been building my online business while working very part time and being a full time mom. If that is not enough to keep a person busy I don’t know what is. While I was climbing the learning curve I learned a few important lessons

#1. If someone says that you can earn an unbelievable amount of money in a short amount of time run (don’t walk) the other way.

I am a reformed Internet Marketing product junkie. All I can say is don’t do it. Find someone you can learn from and pay (yes I did say pay) for quality information, then apply what you learn.

#2. Fancy schmancy sites and blogs don’t do poodly squat unless you have targeted traffic.

For whatever reason this came slow to me. My friend Budman over at WordPress Goldmine says it best…“No traffic = No money. Bad Traffic = No Money. Targeted Traffic = Kaching”

If you learn how to get targeted traffic with search engine optimization, article marketing, or pay per click it is easy to make money. Otherwise you will just be one of the many people who don’t make money and give up too soon.

#3. Doing what makes you money makes you money.

When you are trying to make money on the internet it is so easy to get distracted. Once you figure out the targeted traffic piece, then do more of that and test your offers to make more money.

All in all it has been a crazy two years, but I’m glad I’ve stuck it out. My kids like me being around more, and I like being around more. I’ve made some great friends online and made some money too!

Some other good news… you don’t have to do what I do to make money online. Here are some great money making ideas that are easy to implement and get started with right away. They are easy to implement, and you will find them useful, I am sure.

To Learn How To Make Money Online Do The Things That Make You Happy (Really)

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What makes you happy?

Is that a loaded question or what? I mean seriously… Well it is one I asked myself two days ago, because I figured if I could focus on the things that made me happy then I would enjoy running my business more. I had a very eye opening experience as I wrote down my lists. Here is what I came up with.

Stuff that makes me happy (in regards to my internet marketing business)

Having a plan

Working my plan

Staying focused

Taking breaks when I need them

Getting enough sleep

Drinking water

Eating well

Work during work time and not during family time

Writing my blog (this one right here)


Things that make me miserable

Checking adsense obsessively

Checking facebook obsessively

I know that doesn’t sound earth shattering, but the things that make me miserable I did all the time. In order to combat this tendency. I have written on my magic white board these two lists and look at them when I need inspiration to write a boring article or get through my 5 things for the day.

The question then becomes – Are you making yourself miserable? If so why? For me it was just habit and nothing else…. but now that I know I can change that habit.

Onwards and Upwards!