Making Money With Adsense – How I Am Getting To The Income I Want, One Step At A Time

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Woo Hoo! I had a $13.00 click today!!! – Talk about adsense top paying keywords.

That is exciting news in and of itself, but what I find to be even more exciting is that I made $100 for the month as of today. This is 3 days earlier than last month! I set myself a goal a while back to move that $100 for the month up every day with methods that I learned at WordPress Goldmine and Keyword Academy on making money with adsense. I figured that by the time I got to the 1st of the month I would have a $3000 a month income in adsense alone, and since I usually use multiple monetization methods on my sites, I knew I would (and do) have other income coming in as well.

So I am now 1 step closer to my goal, which is VERY, VERY exciting… I must say. To me that is one of the biggest benefits of setting achievable goals when it comes to internet marketing, especially if they are monetary. If you are just starting out, or have been at this for a while and are not seeing much progress than a goal of making a certain dollar amount one day earlier every month may help you to know that you are making progress. I have only missed one month since starting this process, and things have moved forward MUCH faster than I had anticipated – which is great.

So the question that people ask is “Heather, How are you doing it?”

The first thing I have to tell you is that if I in all my ADD glory can make this work than you can too. The one big thing I have going in my benefit is that I have made some money for the past two years every single month, all I had to do was figure out how to scale it up, and since I am so darn stubborn (but not particularly brilliant) I just pushed through until I started to get it. So the number one trait I think that is important in figuring out how to make money with adsense is the ability to push through until you get it. I have seen many, many people quit before they make it and this is a big mistake.

The second thing is to learn from the good guys. I am no expert, but what I am really good at is copying systems that work. In my previous life I won more top sales and top production awards than I can remember because of this principle. If you want to learn solid skills for Search Engine Optimization than you need to learn from the experts. For small niche blogs, including how to set up a wordpress blog that converts well and gets ranked I recommend WordPress Goldmine. If you want to create a long term sustainable adsense income and learn some advanced techniques for traffic generation than I recommend The Keyword Academy. Right now both have dollar trials, so they are certainly worth checking out. I would recommend joining one or the other and mastering one set of techniques first. Otherwise you will just confuse yourself.

I personally use techniques I have learned from both places and have gotten results – I am happy to say. Making money with adsense recap…

1. Learn from people who know what they are doing.

2. Stick with it till you get it.

3. Set obtainable goals.

That is my whole plan in a nutshell! Happy Money Making!