Time to start having some freakin’ fun again

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About a week ago I woke up and realized that I have gotten SO sucked into IM that I’ve become BORING. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Internet Marketing. It gives me a tremendous amount of freedom and time to spend with my kids. I’m here every day after school and for me that is PRICELESS.

But I’ve been working for so hard for so long that I’ve kind of forgotten how to be… ME. So this week after reading a *very* inspirational post over at the wpgoldmine forum by one of my friends I decided to do something about it.

This week when my friend called to get together I said YES. We’re just going to the mall, but I’m looking forward to it SO much I can’t even tell you. Then when another Live jasmin friend called and said “I miss you”, I said lets get the kids together for ice cream at McD’s tomorrow night. That’ll be fun too.

Finally, my hubby and I are actively planning a cool trip this summer. I think we may try to head up to Canada, or… maybe the beach. I’m not sure yet. We’re still discussing possibilities. So the big thing I’ve learned – when I remember to be ME my work is a whole lot more fun and I procrastinate a whole lot less. And I still really love IM.

0 to 100 + Visitors a Day with 1 Link a Day – A Case Study

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I was in the middle of an experiment when the Google Panda updates were rolled out. I was trying to see if a simple link building method would work well for getting me good rankings in Google. I wasn’t sure if it would work, and to be honest I almost quit when the Panda updates were rolled out, but I am sure glad I didn’t…. because the results are way better than I could have expected.

Check out my results for yourself here – this is a current screenshot from my October 2011 in my getclicky account. I want you to keep in mind a few things about this site:

• I built this site out in the middle of Panda updates. – That means what I did is working even after Panda. YEAH!!!

• About 90% of the content for this site was not written by me personally – but it is all original.

• This is a product site, with all Amazon products. Every page has an Amazon affiliate link or three. It is now selling about 1 to 5 items a day. I love seeing those sales add up. But this method would work for any type of site as long as the content is decent.

• This is a large authority style of site that targets hundreds of keywords.

• I targeted an average of 4 keywords per page – Many of the keywords I target get less than 100 visitors a month in the Google Keyword tool, while some get 1000s. I just picked keywords that were related to the featured products. It was my only criteria.

• I did NO competition analysis at all.

• I have all of those keywords and URLs on a spreadsheet and link 9 times to each primary keyword and 3 times each to each secondary keyword. I also do about 25% of my links to the domain name of the site. But the links drip out at only one per site per day.

• The KEY to these results in consistent action over time. Thankfully I use a system that allows me to get these results without actually having to get back links every day myself, and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

The Big Secret That Isn’t So Secret

We all know that consistent link building is the KEY to successful SEO campaigns, but it is a big fat pain in the tushy. That is why I figured out how to do it without having to do a whole lot of work on my part.

This system came from a burning desire to never spin another article on Jasminlive.mobi again. I HATE spinning articles. I HATE submitting articles, and in general I HATE dealing with getting backlinks. So… being very true to myself I hired a girl from the Philippines to do that for me (I have a WSO being released in the next couple of months on how to hire and train someone effectively – if there is something you want to know just put a comment in the box below).

But you DON’T have to hire someone to do this for you. You can do it yourself, and still have it be effective. The basic system is SO easy, it is almost unbelievable. I used Postrunner exclusively for the backlinking. Postrunner is a blog network that is run by the Keyword Academy. It allows you to post directly to blogs owned by various people. You have to join the Keyword Academy to use it (It’s no WordPress Goldmine community, but the Postrunner system is the bomb). I did a whole study on how to use it effectively about a year ago. You can find that information on Postrunner here.

So for this case study here is what I did.

I had my spreadsheet made up with all of my keywords. Then I had my girl write 8 articles a day (my new girls can do 12 – I’ve refined my systems), link to two different pages on my site in each article, and schedule the articles to drip out on postrunner at a rate of 1 per day. I had her record it all on my spreadsheet. You can schedule these links indefinitely into the future, which makes for a great system.

I haven’t done any work on the backlinking for this in at least three months and have links scheduled out until the end of November. I guess it’s time to have my girls add some more. J It is truly a set and forget system. The hardest part is to keep scheduling the articles out, when at the beginning the progress is SLOW. But as you can see it is worth it.

How to get these results for yourself (if you don’t have outsourcers): There are two basic approaches you can take to this.

1. Use an outsourcing service – like the one I offer ($45 for 10 articles posted to postrunner for you – wpgoldmine and jasmin live members get a discounted rate – so let me know if you found me from there)

2. Do it yourself.

If you are going to write the articles yourself (which is what I did for a LONG time) then this is the approach I recommend. Write two articles for your site, then schedule 18 backlinks to each article (9 to primary, 3 to each secondary) using Postrunner (you get two backlinks per article). Then do it again. If you follow this process consistently, and do decent keyword research you are pretty sure to get results.

The other option is to write all of your on site content first and then schedule out your backlinks. Either way works just fine. The approach just depends on your personality. So there you have it. How to get from 0 to 100 visitors a day with one backlink a day. If you like this post please comment below and tweet it or like it for me.

Bounce! Moods, Sites, and (Finally) My Product Release

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Hello Everyone! Well in my last post you found me a little bit down. I had a very rough couple of months, but things are starting to get back together.

First… I just launched my very first Internet Marketing product….I am pretty excited about this guide. It combines my many years of management with my real life experiencing in outsourcing to *hopefully* make your experience with outsourcing a little less intimidating. I really feel strongly that outsourcing is one of the most important things anyone can do to push their business forward. *Shameless Plug* If you have thought about outsourcing, but aren’t sure how to hire or manage workers, then you should buy my guide. Right now it is only $14.44.

Second… My bouncy sites are now bouncing in the right direction! I added a bunch of links to my most important bouncy site and then let it sit. Apparently Google likes it again, because the traffic is flowing in a BIG TIME way. Long may it live.

Third… The people at WPGOLDMINE give the BEST advice. My friend over at the wordpress goldmine forum gave me some great advice when I was dealing with “life crap”. She told me that when things are out of control in her life that she puts her hand to her heart and says “What I can’t control”. Then she pushes her hand away and out and says “I put aside”. I changed it to “I give to God”, but this piece of advice REALLY, REALLY helped with the whole situation. It let me feel like I was back in control. And being back in control is good.

Loss, Fury, and Things I am Thankful For

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The last 4 months of my life have been stressful….


I’ve lost both my grandmothers to dementia/ Alzheimer’s since late October. I’ve dealt with family losses on my husband’s side of the family, but this is the first time on my side. They were both very old and ready to go, but I miss them.


My momma bear has come out recently. I am dealing with a situation with my kids where they are facing a major relationship loss in their life – through no fault of their own and despite my best efforts. I am pretty easy going by nature, but if you mess with my kids then I can really get up in arms pretty fast. It is VERY frustrating to be so completely not in control of a situation, and I have expended a great deal of energy just trying to manage my kid’s hurt over this situation. It is breaking my heart AND causing everything else in my life to feel like a big deal (even if it isn’t).

Bouncy Sites…

Most of my sites are perfectly stable and earning nice, steady money (thankfully) and the ones that aren’t… well they have been unstable for since before farmer – and I’m still trying to figure out why. The crazy thing is as long as I’ve been doing this business, I still find the bouncy nature of sites to be fairly stressful…. I usually have a higher tolerance for it, but right now every little thing seems difficult!!!

Not getting out my outsourcing product…

I apologize for this. I should have had it out 3 weeks ago – at least. I have the sales letter, and the product is done (and I am darn proud of it), but my graphics guy is in the middle east and I haven’t heard from him since the fighting started over there. I don’t have any idea what is going on, but I think I am just going to release it with version number one of the Live Sex Chat graphics (which I DON”T love), and hope that you can overlook the funky graphics, and forgive me for being late.

SO Thankful…

All that being said, I am TREMENDOUSLY thankful for the opportunity that I have because I have built an income with Internet Marketing. I get to be home after school with my kids – I haven’t worked a “real” job full time for almost 3 years now, and haven’t worked even part time outside of my business for a year and a half (holy camoly!). I also have the best husband on the planet, and friends and family who really care about me. Despite the stress, life is good.

The 3 Hidden Secrets of Internet Marketing Success

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I’ve been doing this crazy thing called internet marketing for over 3 years now, and I have experienced some great success. But along the way I’ve discovered a few things that gurus usually won’t tell you – because they are not popular and don’t sell ebooks or courses. I call these “The Hidden Secrets of Internet Marketing Success”.

The first secret is time.

If you are doing SEO then time is a huge element of success. This is something that most of the time you don’t here a lot about. Most people who are selling courses emphasize how quickly you can get to the top of the search engine rankings. The truth is that it often takes TIME. Sure, sometimes you can get quick top ten listings, but usually it takes 3 to 6 months for those listings to come about and then stick. In more competitive niches it can take a year. It is worth the patience that this takes though. First page listings in Google can make you a lot of money and give you time freedom that most people only dream about.

My basic formula for getting top listings in Google is…. Good Keyword Research + Quality Content + Quality Diverse Backlinks + TIME = rankings.

The second secret is skill.

Some people come to internet marketing with a tech or entrepreneurial background that allows them to succeed very quickly. I was not one of those people. For me, I did a lot of experimenting and wasted a lot of money on courses. I was lucky enough to make some money right away (although I really didn’t understand what I was doing to make the money), so I KNEW that I could make this crazy internet based business work. After A LOT of experimenting I finally sat down and took a good hard look at my business.

• I looked at what worked and what didn’t work

• I looked at what I liked to do and what I hated

• I came up with a plan and decided on a core business model

This is one of the best things I have EVER done. However, the initial experimenting and course buying was needed to gain the skills to be able to get to the point of being able to evaluate.

I decided I would focus on two things.

1. Delivering content that adds value to the web and my customer

2. Getting #1 rankings in Google for my target pages

As of this writing this focus has tripled my income in the las 9 months. (I’m on track to hit x4 in February, but the month isn’t over yet) I have bought two courses since doing this, but they have fit in perfectly with my business plan and have been a help rather than a distraction. They were also recommended to me by friends, so I knew they were good BEFORE I bought them. The skills I have developed have taken time and been hard won, but they are SO worth it.

The third secret is perseverance.

The reality of this business (despite all the hype) is that for most people that I know it takes the ability to let go of the instant gratification culture and be willing to work without a lot of return for some time before seeing the pay off. This is a big adjustment for most people who are used to being paid hourly or salary. For instance, right now I am developing a huge authority site on a topic that I enjoy and should be profitable.

• I am paying a friend of mine $200 a month to write 20 pieces of content a month for this site.

• I won’t even start promoting it and gaining backlinks until after the first 20 pieces of content are on the site.

• I don’t expect to start making any money from it for at least 3 months.

• I don’t expect to see it recoup the $200 a month I am putting into it for 4 to 6 months.

• I have NO guarantees that it will work (although I have experience on my side telling me it will).

So why am I spending so much money and time on this site? Easy – I have the skill to make an educated guess that it will work and I expect this site to earn me several thousand dollars a month by the time I am done with it. Is that worth the upfront investment to me? Sure it is.

Is it worth all the time and struggle it took me to learn the skills and make the money to afford the outsourcing to get there? You bet! Would I have spent this kind of money and time on a site a year ago. HECK NO! I had to learn the skills first and get the income rolling in in order to be able to do it. And if you push long enough you are bound to see similar successes. So there you go… the three hidden secrets of Internet Marketing Success. Time – Skill - Perseverance. Hope it helps you on your journey!

Massive Drop In Rankings – EEK

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I was looking at my stats today and noticed I had a massive drop in traffic on one of my best sites.

Rankings Drops are Never Fun

As I’m writing this, I’m going through varying degrees of panic…. Even though I KNOW that most of the time rankings come back within a week or two. This is a little stressful though as this site is over 2 years old. I did check to make sure the site is still indexed (and it is), and not ALL of my keywords have dropped, just most of them. This leads me to believe the site will (as most sites do) come back stronger than ever.

My Plan

I am going to pretend as if nothing unusual happened and I am going to follow my normal plan for promoting a site. The next thing on my list is social bookmarking, so that is what I will do. I am saving this post as a draft right now, and will let you know when the site comes back to life.


Today my site is still not doing well. I checked the rankings and MOST were worse than yesterday, but some were better and the site remains indexed, so I am not giving up. I sent some bookmarking links to the front page today via SocialADR. I also spend some time talking with one of my IM friends via Skype. I had a page on the site that I thought might be causing the problems with the ranking (it could be construed as some adult type of terms, even though it is not at all), and she helped me edit it. Also my outsourcer added a page of content to it. I also did blog commenting on 4 related blogs today. Total time about an hour.


For today I submitted 3 new pages to social adr and did 3 blog comments pointing to the first page. I seeing some more upward movements on the keywords, but I still only had 12 visitors yesterday, when normally I have from 90 to 130 in a day. I am expecting things to get back to normal in one to two weeks.


I checked my traffic for this site this morning and I am happy to say that it looks like it is coming back. I already have 11 visitors for the day and it is only 7:30 AM (I had 14 visitors all day yesterday). I am ranking again for some of my old keywords as well. We will see what things look like by the end of the day, but I am encouraged to say the least. I haven’t done any promotion at all on this site yet, but I plan on it… I’ll let you know.


Well the site is back up and going strong. I don’t know if I’ll ever know what caused it, but I am happy it is back and doing well.

Lessons Learned:

If your site drops in rankings, but is still indexed don’t freak out. I did freak out myself, so this lesson is for me as well. If you MUST do something, build backlinks. It never hurts. Here is an excellent article about the subject that really helped me. I’m glad my site is back and making money. If you have ever experienced this… leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Keep The Faith

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I’ve been working as an Internet marketer now for 3 years, and I love it! However, even though I am making my living doing this, I still have periods of intense doubt. Everything I’ve read about highly successful people indicates to me that this is completely normal, but it can be frustrating. One of the hardest things about this business, especially if you’re on the SEO side of things, is the waiting.

Right now I have my girl working on the new site. It is a domain that I’ve had for while, and is in a highly competitive niche. I’ve never done much with this domain, and I decided it is time to dust off. However, she’s been adding content for about a week now and I’m still getting between 1 and 8 visitors a day (and one of those those visitors is her!).

The Difference Between Knowing And Feeling

The crazy thing is– this is really stressing me out! :-) I should really know better. In fact I do know better. I know that when you’re building on the site, it is normal for to take 3 to 6 months before you see major gains in traffic.

I know that I can’t expect major gains in traffic in the 1st week when I haven’t done any promotion. But all of this knowing doesn’t stop me from feeling frustrated when I look at my traffic stats. Feelings can be kind of crazy! :-) In fact, I will often find myself arguing the logic against the emotion. I say things to myself like “It’s okay. You’ve only been working on the site for a week, you can expect any results yet.” Usually it works, but sometimes I still feel that doubt creeping in.

That is when I just start putting one foot in front of the other… I follow my plan and I get things working the way they should. And guess what??? The results come. It is so important to just keep the faith. Do what you know works and keep pressing forward!

I always say the reason that I am successful in IM is simply because I am too stubborn to quit. I am not brilliant, and I knew nothing about computers, SEO, or marketing when I started. If I can do this you can too. Keep the faith and you will get there as well!

What Happens In Vegas….

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Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

I just got back on Saturday from Mark Thompson’s AWESOME conference in Las Vegas, and it was so worth it! To start out with, this is one of the best groups of people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

The proof is in the puking!

This couldn’t have been proved any more cleary then when I got sick on Thursday. I am not sure what I ate, but I am pretty sure whatever hit me was food poisoning!!! I ended up spending the majority of the day upchucking, sleeping, or looking green (and sometimes a combination of the above) as I dragged myself through what parts of the conference I could attend. It was ridiculous! I was SO mad that I couldn’t be at every moment.

But the care and concern that was shown to me by the group was impressive. Not only did people ask how I was, but they also brought 7up and crackers to my room and checked in on me. These are people that had no obligation to do so… but they did it anyway. Thank you so much Sara, and everyone else who helped out, and a big thank you to Mark who took the time on Friday to make sure I was caught up!!! I’ll get to more of the conference in a bit…

But first I want to tell you about jumping off the tallest building in Las Vegas..

Originally I had wanted to go see a show when I was in town, but THEN when I was coming in from the airport I saw billboards advertising the SkyJump, and I decided right then and there that is what I wanted to do. The SkyJump is a controlled freefall from the top of the Stratosphere to the bottom. You ride a zip line down, and it is a HUGE rush. You actually have to step off the platform at the top, which is …. interesting. Thankfully by Friday, when I did this jump, whatever was wrong with me on Thursday was all better, otherwise I may have been puking on the way down and that would not have been nice. If you like Adrenaline rushes the SkyJump should be on your list of things to do. Back to the conference….

Building your business empire:

The subject of the conference was “beyond commission”. Mark was teaching us how to develop our own brand online, complete with products and marketing. It was very successful. While there I completed a sales page for one brand new product (and bought the domain). This is great, because sales pages have always freaked me out, but Mark has a way of explaining things that makes them very accessible. I would recommend his programs to anyone. I also completed the outline for my outsourcing guide. Paul invited me to get up and speak about outsourcing, which I did. I am very thankful for the opportunity, because it really helped me hone in on what people’s questions are. So I am confident I will be able to deliver a product that offers great value.

They’re speaking my language…

The very best part about coming to an event like this -at least for me- is the ability to hang out with other people who actually know what you are talking about. I have been full time in IM for over 2 years now, and have my fair share of people trying very hard to understand what I do, but not quite getting there. It’s OK… what I do is not the easiest thing to understand.

So I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to be around a group of people who know what I am talking about, and who I don’t have to explain things to… Not only did I get great ideas, but I also got to learn about areas of IM that I had never even considered before. Vegas was AWESOME!!!

Building a new site from scratch and identifying potential keywords

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Well… I announced my goal over at the wordpress goldmine forum and being the pushy people that they are over there (and do I ever need that sometimes) they promptly challenged me to put a date on my goal. So here it is $50 a day in adsense by building quality sites with quality content by April 15, 2010. So today…. I was gone a good chunk of the day, but I still got some things done to move me toward my goal.

First, I built a new site and launched it into the world of the internet. Next, I built a tracking sheet that makes sense for me. This time I need to stay focused with it, as that always seems to be my issue. I used Peter’s 120 day plan (Thanks Peter) available for free at the wp goldmine forum and modified it to fit my personality. He is just way more structured than I am, so I gave it a little more flex, but I think it will still keep me on track on my promotion and building efforts.

Next, I identified a specific site that is doing OK, but has the potential to do GREAT. This is a hybrid site of Amazon products and adsense and makes me regular money both ways. My aim with this site is to add targeted keyword content based both from the searches I am getting and some keyword research that I have done. I will work on this site for at least two weeks to see what happens with it. Currently I am fighting with wordpress to get my upgrade to look like my preupgrade, and I am not sure what I did wrong. The constant upgrades is one of the reasons that wordpress drives me crazy – as powerful as it is. Anyhow I am super sleepy and it is time to go to bed….

Edit: It’s an hour later and I now have 1 new blog post plus some new adverts I am testing on a site that gets 100 visitors a day, but stinks in conversion…. so we will see how that goes… Oh, and I committed the cardinal sin of blogging and did not tag this post at all… so I am doing that now.

I’m Back

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I know that I haven’t posted here since October… which is sad, but I was working for my old company and helping them out while the manager of the store was out on medical leave. I worked 55 hours a week over the Christmas season, and am finally making the adjustment again to “work at home mom”.

Right now my goal is simple. Focus on adsense income until I get to $50 a day on average. The reason for doing this is twofold. First, I have a bad history of jumping from thing to thing to thing, and while I now make some money from each of those things (affiliate marketing, CPA offers, adsense), I don’t feel like I know how to do any of them extremely well. So focusing on this one goal until I get there will be good for me. I will get to really master an important skill and also build my income.

The second reason is that I really love adsense. I love providing quality information to my readers, and I really enjoy seeing the clicks ad up. Adsense is really about instant gratification, and for me that works really well. After I get to the $50 a day, I may very well work on a new skill or continue on with adsense. I am not sure yet… we will have to see how things go.

Also, I will hopefully get back to this blog more than every 3 months or so…. that is if I am not too busy doing other things. We will see how that goes as well. Have a great day!